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Jasmi Toys' felt wooden trees always come with the original wooden stand to ensure stability. If you choose any design, they will try to make it as similar as possible. But please count on the fact that every tree is original. The wood is heat treated against pests and impregnated with linseed oil.

Savanna trees

Unique author trees by Jasmi Toys. Each piece differs in wood, stand and crown. I value the tree only when it is finished. It is therefore best to tell me in advance your price idea and other details such as color, wood, shape, etc. Everything can be arranged via instagram chat.


To order, choose any product from my web and write to me.

Preferably on my instagram chat or email.

I will get back to you.


Dream Fairy House

The "Fairy Dream House" is a magical and fairy-tale haven for fairies, where the magic of the forest meets the mystery of the forest. This tree begs to be set in a magical forest where flowers dance with the wind and the transparent wings of fairies glide through the air :-) 


A magical tree with a crystal

I have several versions of the face, you can choose individually.
Includes tree with hands, pedestal with wool, crystal altar, crystal


Glittering trees

I offer several colour variants. 

small 15 cm ... 16 USD
medium 18 cm ... 22 USD
large 20 cm ... 28 USD


Classic trees


small 15 cm ... 14 USD

medium 18 cm ... 20 USD

large 20 cm ... 26 USD