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Tips for Optimum Maintenance of your Playmat

Every play experience you have starts and ends with the Playmat. Follow these simple maintenance steps to keep your Playmat ready for new adventures. This guarantees its long life and optimal appearance.


Storage after the game is over

After the play is over, it is recommended to roll up the Playmat and store it away. In this way, possible damage can be minimized and the Playmat can be kept in optimal condition.


Fix loose details

If some details come loose, you can carefully attach them back with a felting needle and foam. This will ensure the longevity of the Playmat.


Shake and vacuum

To remove dust and small dirt, the Playmat can be shaken or vacuumed. This procedure will help keep the Playmat clean and attractive.


Use of natural soap

If the Playmat becomes more dirty, you can use a natural soap, such as olive soap. These soaps contain fewer chemicals, which is kinder to the Playmat.


Clean with warm water and soap

Use warm water and mild soap to clean the Playmat. Apply the mixture to the surface of the Playmat and gently clean it. After cleaning is complete, allow the Playmat to dry.


Ironing to reduce hair

Playmat fluffiness can be reduced by ironing. Use a higher temperature and iron the Playmat carefully to avoid damaging the material. You can find a sample on my Instagram.


Do not use a washing machine

We strongly do not recommend putting the Playmat in the washing machine. Cleaning should be done by hand to minimize the risk of material damage.


In case of any specific problems with your Playmat, do not hesitate to write. I will be happy to provide the exact procedure for maintenance.


Jasmi Toys Lucie

Hi, I'm Lucie and welcome to my Jasmi Toys website. Here I want to share with you my passion for creative making combined with my love for nature. For me it is not a job, but rather a path I have chosen to connect nature with the art of felting techniques. All the products you will find are intended as decoration for your home or apartment. Each of them is an original handmade piece.


Wooden Felt Trees

Every tree in the Jasmi Toys range is made with love and care. Bringing a piece of nature into your home. You can use them on their own or as an addition to a Playmat.

Playing Playmat

For little explorers and their endless adventures. Playmat Jasmi Toys are imaginative and fun for everyday play.

Colorful Worlds

Jasmi Toys' complete felt worlds are stories in themselves. Immerse yourself in these little realms and discover the hidden playfulness within. Felt playmat wooden tree - children playmat is a source of inspiration for you.

Thank you for stopping by my website. If you have any questions or need help with your selection, feel free to contact me via Instagram, email or the contact form.

Your happy adventure starts right here!

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